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Future of Warehousing

Earlier, warehouses were referred to as godowns. They merely managed to provide storage facilities to importers and exporters. Majority of them followed a labour centric approach. Dearth of mechanical equipments had a drastic impact on their operations. However, warehouses have evolved over time. The modern infrastructure and technology has given a boost to this sector. …

Overcoming the challenges of Odd Dimension Cargo Movement

Odd Dimension Cargo (ODC) movement has been a challenging task for most logistics companies. Planning and strategizing a completely flawless project is an extremely tedious process. Very few logistics companies are capable of handling an Odd Dimension Cargo in an efficient manner. The technicalities involved in its movement are far too many. Only a person …

Impact of Covid 19 on Logistics sector

The economic imbalance caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to the world was beyond definition. It brought the entire logistics sector to a standstill in India, barring the movements of essential goods. Initially the Government was circumspect to loosen its grip on the entire scenario. However, moderate relaxation for the revival of the economy was essential. …


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