Aum Aura Express International Logistics (LLP)
Aum Aura Express International Logistics (LLP)

CSR Activities

Aum Aura Express aspires to go beyond the conventional approach of CSR. Embracing the commitment to contribute, we are proud to adopt the philanthropic approach by furthering societal interest

Extending Support to combat the Covid – 19 Pandemic

India has been one of the worst hit countries by coronavirus. With the pledge to serve our nation, we along with the Indian Airforce took up the initiative to deliver the essential Covid diagnostic equipments across the country. Conscious steps were taken to ensure the safety and hygiene of our team. Looking at the gravity of the situation, prompt action and timely updates were given tremendous importance. Our tireless efforts were much appreciated by Indian Airforce Officers.

Educating young minds and nurturing smiles

We engage in sponsoring child education with the aim to empower children for a brighter tomorrow. Right from tuition fees to the school supplies, everything is taken care of. Their progress report is monitored on a timely basis. Currently, we guard the educational interest of 6 immensely talented children and aspire to continue imparting education to many more.

Blood Donation Drives to save lives

Scarcity of blood at the blood banks in an alarming medical concern. Our team voluntarily responds to the corresponding blood requirements on an emergency basis. An internal system enables the team-mates, closest to the donation location, to assist the recipient at the earliest. Our CEO too takes an active part in the donation drives.

Here to Cater to Your Business Needs

Let go of your business concerns. Focus on enhancing your business while we devise finest solutions to match your requirements.