Aum Aura Express International Logistics (LLP)
Aum Aura Express International Logistics (LLP)

Our Leadership

Our team comprises of an extensive network of associates, vendors and dedicated specialists monitoring operations right from the port to the destination. With the intent to achieve seamless operational efficiency, our team strives to assist clients in all aspects.


Mr. Kunal Agarwal

Mr. Kunal Agarwal, with the ambition to make an indelible mark in the logistics sector, commenced his entrepreneurial venture at the age of 20. His well-planned education, backed by hands-on experience in Customs Clearance and Freight does justice to his business degree.

Fast forward to today, Mr. Kunal’s efforts have come to fruition. He has successfully established a niche in the Shipping and Logistics business by setting a tone for quality shipping experience for his clientele. Being a great team player, his networking skills and cheerful nature has enabled him to maintain cordial relations with his clients.
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Our team

Ronald James

Join CEO, Co-Founder

Jessy Spenser

Join CEO, Co-Founder

Ralph Bonuea


Helena Rose

Shipping & Warehouse Lead

July Bricks

Shipping Coordinator

Patrick Henderson

Production Technician Associate

Corbin Dallas

Warehouse Selector

Debor Fox

Shipping Associate

Rachel Collins

Warehouse Assistant

Frank Masterson

Warehouse Operator

Luisa Larson

Warehouse Operator

Lin Colton

Material Handler

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