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Future of Warehousing

Earlier, warehouses were referred to as godowns. They merely managed to provide storage facilities to importers and exporters. Majority of them followed a labour centric approach. Dearth of mechanical equipments had a drastic impact on their operations. However, warehouses have evolved over time. The modern infrastructure and technology has given a boost to this sector.

Owing to low real estate cost, most of them are located at the outskirts of the cities. Spacious warehouses have turned into cargo hubs. Additionally, industrialization has played a major role in amplifying the sector. Connectivity acts as the backbone for time bound movement of cargos. Lack of the same can hamper its growth to a great extent.

Initially, Covid-19 acted as a bane for this sector. As various countries around the world had suspended international movements, warehouses were left with reduced or no business. As a result, the contractual workers were rendered unemployed. Responding to these changes was the need of the hour. Gradually as the market reopened, shortage of manpower and intensive safety norms led to demand for smart warehouses. It was imperative for the safety protocols to secure the trust of the importers and exporters.

At this juncture, automation seemed to be the most reliable option. Modern equipments for material handling, loading and unloading would increase the efficiency and ensure safety of the cargo. This would also accelerate the entire process. Fully equipped warehouses with advanced tracking mechanisms and real time updates would prove to benefit the clients. Seamless distribution channels were necessary to integrate the entire process in a systematic manner. Moreover, the ones who upgrade their warehouse with the changing times would definitely be able to achieve competitive advantage.

Warehouses contributed heavily to the GDP of the country. Even though warehousing has witnessed immense growth in the past few years, it is still at a nascent stage. With the implementation of the latest mechanisms, this sector holds the capability to prosper in the near future. Major MNCs have expanded rapidly and diversified into this sector, looking at its potential for growth.

Aum Aura Express International Logistics (LLP) advances the services of smart warehouses to their clients. With 24 x 7 customer support and affiliation with a variety of closed and open warehouses, we pledge to minimize your business risk. Latest mechanical equipments, quality checks, accessibility and prompt delivery during these unprecedented times, makes it absolutely convenient for clients to approach us from their comfort zones. Our team assures to match the expectations of our global clients and develop a robust relation with the clientele.


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