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Overcoming the challenges of Odd Dimension Cargo Movement

Odd Dimension Cargo (ODC) movement has been a challenging task for most logistics companies. Planning and strategizing a completely flawless project is an extremely tedious process. Very few logistics companies are capable of handling an Odd Dimension Cargo in an efficient manner. The technicalities involved in its movement are far too many. Only a person with adequate knowledge on this subject will be able to provide guidance with regards to the vessel required for systematic transit of the cargo.

The odd dimensions of the cargo can hinder the movement of traffic. In order to prevent such a circumstance, there are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled. A thorough route survey needs to be conducted. Keeping the dimensions and the load of the cargo in mind, one needs to narrow down on the most ideal alternative. Route selection is followed by seeking special permissions from the concerned authorities for movement of the cargo to its desired destination (warehouse, ports or airports). However, there are certain restrictions imposed on the Odd Dimension Cargo freight. The duration of movement per day is restricted and strictly monitored. Hence, the days required for transit need to be calculated beforehand for timely delivery of cargo. A buffer period should also be taken into account to overcome any unexpected delays.

Certain port or airport formalities, too, need to be satisfied in advance. A meeting with the authorities and shipping or airlines company helps to procure the desired disposition. Decisions with respect to the number and type of cranes and forklifts ensure priority movement. Besides, Inland Container Depots (ICDs) require ODC movements as well. Cautious steps would assist in delivery of top-notch services.

There are a number of safety precautions that need to be taken owing to the weight of the cargo. Special equipments for loading and unloading the cargo, as well as for the ground staff handling the hefty cargo, are of utmost importance.

Aum Aura Express International Logistics (LLP) works in close liaison with every leading transporter, major shipping and airline companies. We specialize in customizing ODC movements. Our team of technical experts and global network encourages us to take up challenging cargos. Developing quick systematic solutions around the project cargo freight has been our forte. Full vessel chartering is one of our prominent services.

Moreover, our technicians, along with the ship captain, examine the weather conditions while loading a cargo on the ship. Being one of the few companies to do so, we take great pride in our expertise.


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