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One Stop Logistics Solutions

One Stop Logistics Solutions

One Stop Logistics Solutions

One Stop Logistics Solutions

One Stop Logistics Solutions

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Your Personalized Logistics Partner

At Aum Aura Express International Logistics (LLP), we cater to emulate the logistics requirements of clients by providing compelling solutions across the globe. Our team strives to deliver superior quality services that are tailored to maximize client satisfaction. Effective and round the clock communication guarantees timely delivery.


Mr. Kunal Agarwal

Mr. Kunal Agarwal, the dynamic shipping industry veteran, laid a solid foundation for his logistics business at a young age. With over 15 years of industry experience, he has effectively streamlined the operations of his organisation by leveraging global logistics.

One Stop Logistics Solutions

With global expertise, Aum Aura strives to ensure cost effective logistics complemented by real time updates. The top-notch equipments assure world class delivery experience for our clients.

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USA, New York - 1060 Str. First Avenue 1

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Shipments handled

We assure quality delivery worldwide across various industrial sectors.


Clients Serviced

Our extensive range of services help provide the best logistics solution to our clients.


Service Years

Expertise in the logistics sector over years has enabled us to customize solutions as per client specifications.

Our Projects

Adept project handling capability, helps to build a strong client base and retain them. Mastery in technical cargo eases door to door delivery across the globe.

Shipment of Covid-19 equipments across India

Aum Aura Express (AAEIL) had efficiently conducted the execution of multiple time bound consignments along with the Indian Air force. Within 24 hours of receiving the consignment, special arrangements were made for immediate dispatch of the Covid diagnostic equipments and the essential mask making machines.

Shipment from China to Nigeria

Three prime consignments were handled in a time bound manner by Aum Aura Express (AAEIL) from Shanghai (China) to Lagos Port (Nigeria). Prompt truck and air movement of Covid diagnostic equipments and mask making machines was undertaken.

Shipment from The United Arab Emirates to Nigeria

A 10 tons consignment of sanitizer was successfully managed by Aum Aura Express (AAEIL) from Dubai (The United Arab Emirates) to Lagos Port (Nigeria).


"My shipment was picked up and delivered with excellent service! Needless to say I am extremely satisfied with the results. Will definitely use this service again."

Angela Henderson Pynchon
CEO, Lerato LTD

“Dear Moovit, We would like to thank you for an amazing effort and great support.Your professionalism has been super and we really appreciate your efforts.”

Leo Benderson Linchin
CEO, GeoBoost LTD

“You made every effort to find an option to have the freight in Australia Monday morning 6/12 and followed through all weekend to keep us updated with the progress.”

Franchesca Barton
CEO, FT-Commerce LTD

“The fantastic team at Moovit freight have helped us out no end. I have sometimes saddled them with some seemingly impossible tasks and they have performed brilliantly.”

Howard Fidelstain
CEO, LimPack LTD

Optimizing logistics chain from A to Z to increase your business competitiveness

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Our Blogs

Future of Warehousing

Earlier, warehouses were referred to as godowns. They merely managed to provide storage facilities to importers and exporters. Majority of them followed a labour centric approach. Dearth of mechanical equipments had a drastic impact on their operations. However, warehouses have evolved over time. The modern infrastructure and technology has given a boost to this sector. …

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Overcoming the challenges of Odd Dimension Cargo Movement

Odd Dimension Cargo (ODC) movement has been a challenging task for most logistics companies. Planning and strategizing a completely flawless project is an extremely tedious process. Very few logistics companies are capable of handling an Odd Dimension Cargo in an efficient manner. The technicalities involved in its movement are far too many. Only a person …

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Impact of Covid 19 on Logistics sector

The economic imbalance caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to the world was beyond definition. It brought the entire logistics sector to a standstill in India, barring the movements of essential goods. Initially the Government was circumspect to loosen its grip on the entire scenario. However, moderate relaxation for the revival of the economy was essential. …

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CSR Activities

Aum Aura Express aspires to go beyond the conventional approach of CSR. Embracing the commitment to contribute, we are proud to adopt the philanthropic approach by furthering societal interest.

Extending Support to combat the Covid – 19 Pandemic

India has been one of the worst hit countries by coronavirus. With the pledge to serve our nation, we along with the Indian Airforce took up the initiative to deliver the essential Covid diagnostic equipments across the country...

Educating young minds and nurturing smiles

We engage in sponsoring child education with the aim to empower children for a brighter tomorrow. Right from tuition fees to the school supplies, everything is taken care of. Their progress report is monitored on a timely basis...

Blood Donation Drives to save lives

Scarcity of blood at the blood banks in an alarming medical concern. Our team voluntarily responds to the corresponding blood requirements on an emergency basis. An internal system enables the team-mates...

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